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People's Choice Award Online Voting!

At this year’s pageant we are holding a special online competition called the People’s Choice! We will be collecting your votes with the help of our voting partner, The Pageant Planet, for your favorite contestant for the People’s Choice in both the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA divisions. This year, the People’s Choice Winners will be guaranteed a spot as a semi-finalist in the Pageant Finals! Voting will take place online until 2pm MDT on Saturday, June 19th. The winners of the People’s Choice for each division will be revealed during the announcement of the semi-finalists as well as recognized during the awards portion near the end of the Pageant Finals!

During this year’s pageant, if the contestant numbers dictate, it may be decided by the judging panel to allow all the state contestants to advance to the Pageant Finals. If so, the winners of the People’s Choice voting will still be announced at the start of the Pageant Finals as well as recognized during the awards portion near the end of the show.

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Miss Wyoming USA 2021 Contestants


Keisha A.
Natrona County
My heart is overflowing with gratitude to be able to compete in the Miss Wyoming pageant. The amount of love & support I have had during this experience is absolutely unreal. Saying thank you isn't enough for all the love & support these people have showered me with. Thank you to my Dad, Handsome, my mentor, & my home team who help set the foundation for me to compete. My sponsors who have built me up, making me believe in myself & encouraging me to chase a dream & be myself. Thank you; Ann Just Happier Team, Transitions Therapy, The Parlour Tattoo and Beauty, Elevate, & Fit24/ Prana. You all are such a blessing, have impacted my life immensely, & made this experience one I will never be able to forget. Thank you. LOVEYOUBIG

Sarah A.
I would like to thank my family and friends for all your support! My mom helped me prepare for all steps of the competition with constant encouragement and my wonderful friends (especially Emily Calzolari) helped me think through my plans for the last 2 years, explained pageants, and helped achieve my goals.

Natasha B.
Western Wyoming
I would like to thank all of my friends, family, mentors, and teachers past and present that have shaped me into the person I am today. Thank you to Emma, Zoë, and Sydney for specifically supporting my Miss Wyoming dreams. I'd also like to specifically thank my mother. Without her, I definitely could not have even thought of competing. My mom has helped me mentally, financially, and emotionally prepare and has been my biggest support in this endeavor. I'm on this earth and in this pageant only because of her.

Emily C.
Albany County
Thank you to my friends and family - especially those here tonight. You have all inspired and uplifted me in so many ways, particularly over this past year. It truly does take an army to prepare for Miss Wyoming USA and I am eternally grateful for mine.

Sydnie E.
First and foremost, thank you Calon for pushing me to be the best version of myself and always inspiring me to never give up on the things that matter most. Mom and Sterling, thank you for supporting me at every stage of my life and going along with whatever goal I set my mind to next. Caitlin, Cayla, and Bailey, thank you for being there for me at every turn and supporting all my dreams.

Alexa H.
Thank you to Rugged Grace Photography for an amazing photo shoot!

Mackenzie K.
Capital City
I want to send so much love to all of my family and friends. I am so grateful for each of you, your daily encouragement and endless love mean more to me than you will ever know. I carry each of you in my heart with every step I take on this journey, this is for you just as much as it is for me. I love you all and truly could not do this without you. I also want to individually thank these incredible female-owned local businesses, Shop Loveleigh, Dana and Maddy Miller at SHE.CO, Ashley and Chelsea at Hustle, Salon Savvy, Sun Tan USA, and Bailey Aesthetics. A huge thank you to Sonata Aesthetics and Train to Reign Coaching by Kristen Dalton Wolfe for making me sparkle both externally and internally as I have prepared for Miss Wyoming USA.

Morgan M.
Central Wyoming
Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa I have become the woman I am today because of your unwavering love and support. Liss, your personality and energy lights up the world, I couldn't have asked for a better role model and sister. Sam, thank you for always believing in me and for being such a blessing in my life. Dani, thank you for all the time and energy you have put into furthering my preparations. To the rest of my family and friends, thank you for your endless love and support, I wouldn't be here without you all.

Jozie M.
Being a contestant in the Miss Wyoming Pageant is one of my biggest accomplishments. With that being said there is no way I could have done this without all the endless support from the following. A big warm thank you to my Family, Formal Ave. (Patty Green), Bronze 365 (Lisa Crocker), Eclips Salon (Nicolle Gail), and the most supportive and encouraging nail clientele. I would also like to thank my Mom, Billie for always pushing me and giving me the confidence to do things I thought I could only dream of.

Olivia M.
Uinta County
I wanna say thank you to my all my friends and family that have helped get to where I am now! I don’t know what I would do without all of your support, I love you guys! Christina Cherrington, Robert Cherrington, Hunter Cherrington, Lynn Moretti, Jaime Salinas, Marj Moretti, Miles Moretti, Ross Meeks, Anona Siddoway, Taylor West, Rachel Evans, Claire Noland, and Megan Moretti.

Kaitamaria P.
Laramie County
Thank you to my family and friends for your support

Chelsea P.
Sweetwater County
I am so grateful to be here and would love to thank some amazing people. First and foremost my pageant coach Brittnay Sentz. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me the last few months. I wouldn't be here today without your help. Next, my makeup artist and hair stylist Lizzie Grothmann. Thank you for helping me learn how to make myself look amazing. I would not look nearly as good without you. I would also love to thank my personal trainer Phil Simmons. Thank you for putting up with me and pushing me when I didn't want to be pushed. I am living a healthy lifestyle thanks to you. Last but not least my amazing boyfriend Noel Putnam. I am so thankful for your never ending love and support. Thank you everyone!

Aliza T.
Southeast Wyoming
I'd love to thank the many family and friends who have supported and encouraged me to strive for excellence, grace, and leadership. Without your constant love, I wouldn't be the young woman I am today. As a future teacher, I am also thankful to the educators who have mentored me in what it means to pour love into my students and how to cherish the next generation. Thank you to the Miss USA organization for recognizing and encouraging women to achieve their dreams and pursue their passions.

Bailee W.
I want to give the biggest thank you to my amazing sponsor Nic Eskew at American National Insurance and my amazing trainers Chelsea Hardin and the rest of the Miss Fit Team. I also want to thank my family and friends for supporting me through this crazy process. Most of all I want to thank my biggest cheerleader for dealing with all of the crazy pageant endeavors and supporting me no matter what!