Miss Wyoming USA

Mackenzie Kern

Miss Wyoming USA 2021

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Mackenzie is a 21-year-old student at the University of Wyoming. She is an entrepreneur who successfully launched an online clothing boutique at the age of 19. She was able to win the “Online Wyoming Boutique of the Year” award during her first year of business. Her goal has always been to bring unique fashions and current trends to her state so women have access to a local business that carries the styles they are looking for.

While being a full-time student and owning a business sounds like it creates a busy schedule, she is also a full-time social media marketer and manager for multiple Wyoming-owned businesses. Her passion for graphic design was found through an internship she had with former Miss USA, Kristen Dalton Wolfe. She enjoys writing to the community she has created through blog posts and sharing relatable content that women experience on their journey to success.

Mackenzie values staying true to who she is in all aspects of life and encouraging others to embrace their authenticity. She is a very bold person that finds beautiful ways to amplify the uniqueness in all things. She has hopes to become a motivational speaker who relates to women nationwide and helps them on their road to greatness.

During her year as Miss Wyoming USA, she wants to travel the state and connect with as many people as possible to share her message about overcoming adversity and obstacles that you may face when striving towards your goals. There has never been a Miss USA winner from Wyoming and she knows that to win is to make history. She looks forward to doing everything she can to capture the title because with this accomplishment she knows it would stand as proof to young girls everywhere that no matter where you are from, you can win.