Miss Wyoming Teen USA

Baylee Drewry

Miss Wyoming Teen USA 2020

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This small town girl raised in Greybull Wyoming struck it big after her second Time entering the Miss Wyoming Teen USA pageant and winning this recent year. She is eager and excited to represent not only her community but the state of Wyoming as well.

In the fifth grade after receiving her second national champion medal for competitive cheerleading, this young lady broke two vertebrae in her spine after a cheerleading incident. Leaving her in a full body cast and hoping that she would be able to walk again.

Gladly she was able to walk again and took up a passion for the military and flying. Baylee entered into a program that was a small branch in the United States Air Force allowing her to fly search and rescue missions and receive her pilots license. There she learned leadership skills and military combat skills that she is very proud of today. Oh and she can fly planes to!!

After that chapter of her life closed, she took up a passion for sports once her back was finally healed completely. Softball, volleyball, and competitive shooting, are all sports that Baylee is proud of. But one of her personal favorite accomplishments is being able to play tackle football for her middle school football team and her high school football team.

Recently this Wyoming team has found an amazing passion for politics and debate. This Wyoming team strives to become a senator for Wyoming and hopefully Secretary of State. She has been invited to the most elite political conferences around the nation as well as one of the best political debaters in Wyoming ranking seventh into years. As well as breaking school and state records for political debate.

Future plans for this teen, is to go to college for political science and hopefully one day maybe even sit in the oval office. And along the way she strives to provide aid for military veterans and police officers. “ they risk their lives for us, so I will dedicate my life to helping them”. This is your Miss Wyoming Teen USA 2020.